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Greenville young man creates algorithm to produce Rubiks Cube mosaic

Jun 8, 2019 0 comments

Geniuses come in all shapes and sizes, and a local young man in Greenville used his ingenuity to solve a very complicated problem based on the Rubik's Cube. 

In doing so, he created a beautiful mosaic of Sitting Bull.

Bowie 5th grade G/T student, Alex Brown, quickly devised the algorithms needed to complete a Rubik’s Cube class project.

With the assigned project completed ahead of schedule, Alex began an independent project. Using 100 cubes, Alex used critical thinking skills and knowledge of the Rubik’s algorithms to design and create a mosaic of Sitting Bull.

After creating the Rubik’s cube project, he recreated the mosaic block by block in the popular sandbox game, Minecraft.

Photo of Alex Brown courtesy of Greenville ISD.

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